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The imortance of branding

The imortance of branding

by wolf
September 7, 2017
The imortance of branding

The imortance of branding

The imortance of branding : The function and art of branding is a major contributor to the success of a product or service sold by the company that markets it.



According to We b s t e r ’s Dictionary, a brand is defined as “a means of identification,” or “an arbitrarily adopted name that is given by a manufacturer or merchant to an article or service to distinguish it as produced or sold by that manufacturer or merchant that may be used and protected as a trademark.”


At Chemark we look at a brand as more than a trademark for the legal protection of the product or service offered. Well , at least we think it should be.

This is where many marketers get into trouble and lose the positive impact of proper brand management.



Brand management should aim to build into customers’ minds a set of perceptions and attitudes relating to an offering, leading to positive buying behavior.

To achieve this goal , managers must know a great deal about their customer base.

The power of a brand is measured by its effect on buyers. A powerful brand will cause its customer base to either defer or refuse to purchase if the brand is NOT available.

Some brands have reached a level of mass acceptance where they are used as action verbs, such as “ X e r o x i n g ” a document instead of copying it and “ F e d e x i n g ” a package rather than mailing or posting it.

One brand’s identity is so strong that when we hear Aspirin we immediately think of Bayer.

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